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It seems you can say pretty much anything in political speech these days. Including this doozie! Anyone who’s been paying attention knows that the pension crisis is far from over, but Phil would have you believe, that thanks in large part to him, they’ve been fully funded.

Kentucky’s public pension plans that were fully funded in 2000 devolved to become among the very worst-funded plans in the country, officially carrying more than $37 billion in unfunded liabilities – a figure Gov. Matt Bevin says in reality is worse.

Kentucky pension crisis: A closer look at what ‘Frontline’ found

Which is it Phil? Your governor seems to think otherwise.

What we DO know Phil is responsible for is the introduction of the first ALEC-worded charter school bill in 2017. Although it did not pass, another one that he supported eventually did. And Phil has been one of the most outspoken critics of our state’s largest public school system, blaming their intricate and nationally acclaimed student assignment plan as one of the primary causes of so many of our woes.

The City That Believed in Desegregation Integration isn’t easy, but Louisville, Kentucky, has decided that it’s worth it.

Here’s what Americans For Prosperity (another Koch outfit) have to say about Moffett. He’s a “true policy champion” for their raping and pillaging of our state.

“Across our network, the bar has been raised to focus our support on true policy champions which has resulted in supporting less than half the number of candidates than we did in 2016,” McNeill confirmed.

Moffett is one of the General Assembly’s most libertarian leaning Republicans, who AFP praised for his support of “liberty and economic freedom.”

AFP backing 6 Kentucky House Republicans

State Rep. Phil Moffett, a Republican who has sponsored his own legislation to bring charter schools to Kentucky, is also on the nonprofit’s board. Moffett could not be immediately reached for a comment.

Yeah, here we were able to confirm Phil’s connections to Mayor Fischer’s father’s organization, School Choice Scholarships, Inc.

It’s probably just a coincidence Phil introduced a “friendly amendment” the morning the charter school bill passed out of the House Education Committee which allowed mayors to become authorizers of charter schools. A little too friendly, if you ask me.

Under this bill, charter schools would be allowed to open in any area of the state if approved. Local school boards would serve as the primary authorizer to review applications to open a charter school. The bill also sets up an appeals process that allows for applications to be reviewed by the Kentucky State Board of Education. A friendly amendment by Rep. Phil Moffett was adopted that allows the mayors of Louisville and Lexington to also serve as authorizers in those cities.

Charter school legislation passes Senate, heads for final legislative hurdle

We see you.

See, Phil’s been banking on our public schools to fail for nearly a decade, when he first aligned with Koch-funded Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy’s (BIPPS) Founder Jim Waters, as well as Pastors Jerry Stephenson and Milton Seymore (recently the interim chair for KBE), to form Kentucky Education Restoration Alliance, Inc. in 2009.

So, after watching Phil introduce the first ALEC-backed charter school bill in 2017, and push for neighborhood schools, and seeing his name on several organizations which stand to profit from privatization of public schools, there are too many conflicts of interest here for my comfort.

That’s why I’m voting for Tina Bojanowski for KY House District 32.

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