Richard Heath

Richard Heath is one of the two House Representatives who sponsored HB520, Kentucky’s ALEC-backed Charter School Bill that passed into law in 2017 (barely).

Here’s what Americans For Prosperity (another Koch outfit) have to say about Heath. He’s a “true policy champion” for their raping and pillaging of our state.

“Across our network, the bar has been raised to focus our support on true policy champions which has resulted in supporting less than half the number of candidates than we did in 2016,” McNeill confirmed.

According to AFP, it is backing Heath because of his “tenacious” championing of legislation which allows home-based processors to sell products by removing some licensing requirements. The “Home Baker’s Bill” passed this year’s General Assembly.

AFP backing 6 Kentucky House Republicans

#UnplugTheKochMachine! Vote for Charlotte Goddard on Nov. 6.

Photo by Berry Craig, AFLCIO

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