Which Candidates Benefit from ALECs Support

We don’t even have to guess at whether or not these fellas are backed by the Kochs. It was right here in this article.

Koch Head Candidate District Location Better Choice
Richard Heath 2 Mayfield, Hickory Charlotte Goddard
Jim Gooch 12 Providence, Owensboro Bruce Kunze
DJ Johnson 13 Owensboro James Glenn, Jr.
Brandon Reed 24 Hodgenville, Lebanon Terry Mills
Kevin Bratcher 29 Louisville Ronel Brown
Phil Moffett 32 Louisville Tina Bojanowski

The six Republican incumbents are Richard Heath of Mayfield (2nd district) who faces Democrat Charlotte Goddard of Hickory; Jim Gooch of Providence (12th) opposed by Bruce Kunze of Owensboro; D. J. Johnson of Owensboro (13th), opposed by Jim Glenn of Owensboro; Brandon Reed of Hodgenville, opposed by Terry Mills of Lebanon; Kevin Bratcher of Louisville and the House Majority Whip, opposed by Ronel Brown of Louisville; and Phil Moffett of Louisville, opposed by Tin Bojanowski of Louisville.

AFP-Kentucky state Director Andrew McNeill said the six were chosen because they championed legislation and causes supported by AFP. He said all six have supported or sponsored legislation which promotes key goals of AFP.


So we made this handy meme to remind folks about the #ShadySix.

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